11 Mar February’s Maker Monthly Box Review


Don’t let the letters on the cap fool you, this pen means business.

The Copic Multiliner SP line of pens is characterized by it’s aluminum body, refillable inks and replaceable tips. As with most Copic products, the SP pens feature waterproof, copic-proof, pigment-based ink. While Maker Monthly members received the Brush Tip (BS) pen, the SP line also offers .03 – 0.7 mm fixed-width point sizes. As a nod to Valentine’s Day, we included either a red, pink, wine or sepia colored pen in February’s box, but you can also find these in any of Copic’s other 10 colors for the SP line.


The firm, molded fiber tip on this brush pen makes for good control in hand lettering, allowing you to vary your line widths confidently but also maintain consistency wherever desired. The ink flow is nice and even too, making this a great pen for both lettering and illustration.


From the moment you set your eyes on the packaging for the Write Notepads pocket notebooks, you know you’re in for a real stationery treat.

These American-made notebooks are perfectly fitted in a one-piece box that is foil stamped in matte silver to accentuate the vintage-style lettering and illustration. As you flip back the cover and set your eyes through the gatefold, you’re greeted by both a white letterpress card and vintage war propaganda-style artwork on a separate flyer for their new membership program.


Inside, a patriotic trio of paper perfection awaits. Red, white and blue 100 lb. cover stock was used to differentiate the ruled, graph and plain variations of these pocket notebooks. A small letterpress impression on each of the covers provides you a dedicated space for marking ownership while the 64 pages of 70 lb. paper inside ensure you can make your markings with most writing instruments. Although the glued binding requires that you crease the paper on the left side of each spread to keep it out of your way, it does provide a more luxurious look and feel when the notebook is closed.

I’ve enjoyed using the ruled notebook for list-making. The columns formed by the lines on the left margin of the paper make perfect spaces for checking off items on my list. Anyone who uses the Bullet Journal method, or some variation of it like me, will surely appreciate this feature. Also very much appreciated is the paper’s ability to withstand the use of my Lamy Safari fountain pen. You can still catch very tiny hints of the ink bleeding through to the other side of the sheet, but not enough that it renders the backside of the paper useless (as it does in my Field Notes notebooks).


To test the Write Notepads pocket notebooks even further, I created a small illustration in the plain paper notebook using the following tools:

    • General’s Cedar Pointe 2HB Pencil
    • Stabilo Point 88 fine-tip marker
    • Copic Multiliner SP brush pen
    • Prismacolor marker
    • TomBow dual point brush pen
    • Sakura Pen-touch Fine Point paint marker

Much to my surprise, not only was the Prismacolor ink the only one that bled through the paper, but it left the sheet below untouched! Very impressive.


On a side note: I’ve also been using their larger Write Notepads graph paper steno notebook for general note-taking at the desk and have been really pleased with the writing experience it provides.


There’s no feeling quite like the one I get when I pop the button on my Niji Roll and watch it open across my work area, revealing a neatly organized selection of my favorite pens, pencils and art markers.

This simple yet durable pencil roll is constructed of water-resistant nylon canvas and has enough space to safely store up to 36 of your favorite tools. It features a button snap closure as well as an additional hole that can be used for hanging the roll vertically on your wall.


I tend to use more ink than lead, so I fill mine with multiliner pens and brush markers. The wider bodies on these tools make it difficult to close the roll properly if you use all 36 slots, so I find it works best to leave about 1-2 slots unused between different sets of pens.

I love that the Niji Roll allows me to clearly see all the different colors and tip sizes of a pen collection lined up, requiring only that I reach over and pull the one I want. This definitely beats digging through a pouch, checking pens and markers one-by-one as you read the caps and barrels for size and color. The roll is also much quieter and makes for a more professional presentation in public settings.


I’ve been a huge fan of everything that Lumi does and represents since the first time I came across them. Everything from the products they choose to offer and the platform they’ve built for customizing these products, to the friendly nature of their team and the beautifully branded work they inspire in creatives; everything is thoughtfully simple and genuinely awesome.

The M monogram found on the interior of each of the Maker Monthly subscription boxes is hand-stamped using custom stamps made by Lumi. If you’ve ever spotted a small embossed monogram or hand-stamped MAKER logotype throughout our packaging and print materials, you can also thank Lumi for those.

I seriously recommend giving their catalog a look if you haven’t done so already. Whether you run a small business or just make things for fun, you’re bound to find something interesting, inspiring and inexpensive. Create a personalized stamp, try your hand at screen printing (this is next on my wish list) or create custom decals like the one included in February’s box.


If you’d like to order something personalized but need help creating the artwork, just reach out to me and I’d be happy to connect you with someone who can do that for you. Don’t be surprised if I just design it myself!

  • Emma Z
    Posted at 15:18h, 11 March

    I love this, I hope my box comes very soon.