12 Jan My New Year Resolutions: Count. Create. Cultivate

Every year on December 31st, just before the countdown, I begin to think about what my New Year’s resolutions will be. Typically, I run through a list of my bad habits and some of the problems I faced repeatedly throughout the year behind me and think “This year is going to be different. This year, I’m going to stop that.”. I then proceed, like most people, to stay true to these resolutions for all of about two weeks before giving up, finding excuses and returning to my old ways. This year, however, was different.

I woke up from a power-nap-turned-three-hour-slumber with only about 10 minutes remaining before the countdown. As I watched champagne pour from one plastic flute to the next, it occurred to me that I hadn’t yet listed my resolutions for 2016. Naturally, my mind began to race through my bad habits and the problems I faced repeatedly throughout the year behind me, though unlike previous versions of this, I was surprised to find that for every “problem” I recognized there was either a plan of action already in place for resolving it, or, better yet, I had grown to accept it as a part of who I am and no longer wished to fight it. Immediately, I was overcome with a sense of comfort and gratitude. “I must be getting old,” I thought as I looked around for someone to signal the start of the countdown.

Nearly a week had passed since the ball drop and although I still felt the same comfort I found on that last December night, it did feel strange not to have some kind of a personal mission statement to guide me through this new chapter. After reviewing some of my notes and journal entries, I came up with the following resolutions for 2016.


As a business owner and creative, I’m accustomed to seeking out inspiration and education in new content and experiences. I’m always on the hunt for opportunities to grow and improve through exploration of the unknown. While it would be impossible for me to thrive in any of these two roles without continuing to do this, I would like to place a greater emphasis on reviewing that which I have already learned and keeping better record of that which I am feeling and experiencing. Basically, I’m going to make sure I read my notes again after writing them down. I’m going to be more consistent about my journal entries. I’m going to listen to previously completed audiobooks to make sure I retain the information really well and watch movies multiple times for the same reason (I’ve always had a hard time recalling movies). 


Moving forward, I want to make it a point to create more. I was recently scrolling through the collection of pictures on my phone and noticed that the bulk of the stuff I’ve recently created were done with some commercial intent. Very few, if any, pieces, were done solely with the intention of practicing to improve my skills or simply enjoy myself. So, I’d like to make sure I’m doing more of the latter from now on.


This is pretty much just a combination and reinforcement of the previous two resolutions. The idea with cultivate is to use my time and talent to grow and care for what I’ve already built, instead of stretching myself thin with new commitments and major projects. Maker Monthly is the name of the game now, and I’m all in.

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