30 Nov November’s Maker Monthly Box

Every Maker Monthly box is carefully curated to give you the biggest creative bang for your buck. Since day one, I’ve made it my personal mission to select a mix of products every month that I believe will entertain your creativity and spark experimentation. I can only imagine the anticipation you feel, waiting for that package to arrive, wondering what weapons of mass creation have been chosen for you. This month, however, you were in on the secret. This month, the choice was yours. The breakdown: 

  • Palomino Blackwing Slate Journal (Ruled or Plain)
  • Palomino Blackwing 602 Pencil
  • Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Black
  • Pilot Razor Point Pen, Black
  • TomBow Mono Zero Precision Eraser
  • Maped All-Metal Sharpener


Palomino Blackwing Slate Journal

In contrast to the minimalist nature of previous pocket notebooks and journals featured in Maker Monthly (i.e. Field Notes, Word Notebooks, Rifle Paper Co.), the Blackwing Slate Journal is all about the amenities. This 160-page, hardcover black beauty is dressed in a durable wear-resistant polymer held together by dual-sewn binding and a canvas spine. The high-quality, 100GSM paper tucked between the covers is ready to mingle with your medium of choice, but you’ll find she was made for her legendary companion, the Blackwing 602 pencil. This luxury notebook knows how to keep it together and organized. On the exterior of the spine you’ll find a durable holster made for the 602 pencil, but flexible enough to fit just about any writing tool you can think of. A page marker is attached to the top of the spine for you to sandwich between important pages. The interior of the back cover features a built-in pocket for storing loose items and an elastic band ensures none of this falls out.

Blackwing 602 Pencil

Smooth, metallic finish. Gilded lettering. The iconic, golden ferrule (yea, I just learned that word too). The 602 would probably find itself sitting in a trophy case if it weren’t so functional. This magic wand of a pencil has a heart of graphite that delivers on it’s claim to fame of “Half the pressure, twice the speed.”. It’s signature black eraser can be replaced when needed with any of the three colors offered by Palomino.   blackwing-slate-journal

Staedtler Triplus Fineliner, Black

Characteristic of fineliners in general is the versatility that they offer. You can typically enjoy both writing and illustrating with the same pen or marker. What I’ve come to use as grading criteria in deciding the quality of a fineliner, after having tried just about every one on the market, is how it feels – both in my hand and in it’s interaction with the paper. Whereas some of the more popular fineliners are designed in cylindrical, stubby casings, the Steadtler Triplus fineliner comes packaged in a long, slender, 3-sided body. Hence, the “Tri” in Triplus. It’s a very comfortable tool in the hand and something about it’s design and metal-clad tip gives me a more pronounced feeling of control and precision than I’ve found in other fineliners. The water-based ink flows perfectly from it’s 0.3 mm tip and comes in a wide spectrum of color options.

Pilot Razor Point Pen, Black

The first of it’s kind in America, this extra fine point marker pen from Pilot offers a timeless, professional look with a truly enjoyable writing experience. When it’s time for me to go mobile, and take with me just one pocket notebook and pen, this is the pen. It’s strong fiber point lays down a smooth and solid line with just the right amount of friction (I don’t like the “gliding” feel of most ballpoints). You can find this pen in black, blue, red, purple and green inks.

TomBow Mono Zero Precision Eraser

This precision erasing tool from TomBow registers off the charts in cool factor. It serves a very specific function, which is to erase thin areas of lead markings, but it does this with the performance you’ve come to expect from TomBow. Not only does it’s silver barrel and clip make it easy to stow away with your pens and markers, but it makes it easier to perform precise movements while erasing and, together with the metal tip, helps strengthen the eraser against hard pressure. This is an ideal tool for designers and illustrators.

Maped All-Metal Sharpener

This compact metal pencil sharpener cuts straight to the chase. It’s small enough to easily fit in your pencil case and tough enough to take a beating. It features a long pencil gliding slot that helps keep your pencil straight in order to prevent wedging (getting stuck), and a small cutout let’s you remove debris and broken tips with ease. A replaceable blade also means you can enjoy this sharpener for years to come.

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