07 Nov October’s Maker Monthly Box

October’s Maker Monthly box was an ambitious one. Not only would it mark a complete reimagining of the unboxing experience for Maker Monthly subscibers, but it would include the first of many collaborations with a true Maker, in this case Evan Rich of RichWorks, and a noticeably more generous supply of tools, thanks to the support of a new distributor. Here’s a breakdown of the featured tools: 

  • Field Notes Brand Limited-Edition Notebooks: The Shenandoah Edition, 3-Pack
  • RichWorks 3Pen Pocket Strap
  • Pentel Sign Pen, Brush Tip
  • Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen
  • Pentel Sign Pen, Fiber Tip (Substitute for Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen after running out)
  • Field Notes Brand Cedar Wood Pencils (Substitute for Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen after running out)
  • Pentel Finito Pen


Field Notes Brand Limited-Edition Notebooks: The Shenandoah Edition

Field Notes Shenandoah Limited-Edition Notebooks This month’s featured notebook is Field Notes’ latest seasonal release, the Shenandoah Edition. Inspired by the three trees found at Shenandoah National Park in Virginia: the Sweet Birch, the Chestnut Oak, and the Red Maple, each of the notebooks found in this 3-pack bares the contrasting colors of it’s respective tree’s fall foliage on the exterior and interior cover, as well as an illustration of this tree’s leaf on the back. All three notebooks are Field Notes signature graph paper and come wrapped in a genuine birch veneer belly band. If this particular set of Field Notes feels a bit different in the clutch of your hands, or as you hold the cover down to start jotting away, it’s because of the thicker cover that resulted when they fused the two contrasting colors for the cover. If you’d like to learn more about the magic behind this edition, the folks at Field Notes do a pretty good job of telling the story over on their website.

RichWorks 3Pen Pocket Strap

RichWorks Gear 3Pen Pocket Strap When Evan and I first came into contact a few months ago, featuring a custom carry from the RichWorks Gear catalog in Maker Monthly’s subscription was just wishful thinking. Determined to make something work, ideas were tossed around until Evan’s EDC (Everyday Carry) expertise allowed him to devise a series of beautifully simple and functional attachments for pocket-size notebooks. The pocket strap was born. Designed to keep your favorite pens and notebook neatly organized in your pocket or bag, the RichWorks 3Pen pocket strap makes it easier for you to swiftly jot down your ideas or create artwork on-the-go without having to dig through all your other stuff first. If you use any pens or pencils that love to roll away when you set them down, the 3Pen pocket strap also does a great job at keeping them in once place. While setting up my own  3Pen pocket strap, I unknowingly stumbled across a little bit of a hack for expanding it’s capacity. Instead of centering the 3 pen slots on the front cover of your notebook, you can slide them off to the far left or far right edge of the notebook, allowing enough room in the adjacent elastic for inserting a small ruler or even a 4th pen! Here’s a visual of that: Field Notes Shenandoah Edition Pocket Notebook

Pentel Sign Pen, Brush Tip 

Pentel Sign Pen Brush Tip The Pentel Sign Pen with a Brush Tip is a great tool for various styles of hand lettering. I normally use it when I’m looking to create a clean, compact-sized script lettering piece, or when I randomly decide to dedicate a few minutes to practicing my letterform, spacing and composition. For those of you that are new to this, the brush tip pen is the one with the shimmery, dark grey casing and flexible tip.

Pentel Sign Pen, Fiber Tip 

The Pentel Sign Pen with a Fiber Tip is the perfect pen for passionately crossing off tasks from your To-Do lists, titling the pages of your notebook, labeling stuff and writing names on kraft “Thank You” tags, like the one I placed in your box. Not everyone received this pen, it was only included in the boxes packed after the Stylo Sketch Pen ran out of stock. This is the black pen with the skintone cap on the bottom end and a hard, black nib.

Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen

Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen One of the friendly staff members at my favorite local art supply store turned me on to this pen while I was exploring the shop recently. Scratching out a few words on the paper pad provided in-store didn’t really impress me, but I bought one anyway, just because it had that interesting nib design. I gave it a second chance on a Rhodia Unlimited pocket notebook when I got back to the studio and immediately fell in love. The unique nib requires that you find it’s sweet spot in order to enjoy all that it has to offer, much like you would with a fountain pen or dip pen, and rubbing it the wrong way could produce some minor ink splatter on the page, but once you get the hang of it, boy is it a nice ride.

Pentel Finito Pen

Pentel Finito Pen The Pentel Finito Pen is an x-tra fine porous point pen intended for general use and writing. It’s a bit top-heavy when capped, yes, and that clear cap may not fit in well aesthetically with the rest of your collection, or at least that’s what crossed my mind, but like the Style Sketch Pen mentioned above, it is a dream to use. I pick this pen up for writing at least once a day.

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