Our Story

Maker Monthly’s story begins early in 2015 inside a small Miami design studio where, nestled in a white room measuring no larger than a single parking space, you could find a young group of creators working tirelessly to keep up with the seemingly endless demands of their clients. This studio was known as Maker Design Co.


Forgetful and disorganized as he was, the studio head, Carlos Jovi, had learned to appreciate the benefits of keeping a journal and writing tool by his side as he paraded from meeting to meeting. Pages seemed to fill themselves with daily task lists, project specifications, meeting notes and rough sketches.


It wasn’t easy keeping up with all the amazing notebooks, stationery and tools he discovered online. Even more difficult was remembering to order the supplies he wanted with enough time to prevent himself from being left empty handed. 


Hoping to fill this void and supply creatives everywhere with the tools and inspiration they need to do what they love, the Maker Design team quickly launched Maker Monthly. 


Today, artists, writers, designers and stationery addicts worldwide count on Maker Monthly to deliver a curated kit of creative tools and inspiration every month.